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Transmission Fluid Change Service

Our basic transmission maintenance service includes our Proprietary Diagnostic Check, transmission pan removal, pan gasket replacement and a fill with new transmission fluid. Regular cleaning and replacement of transmission fluid is critical for extending the life of your transmission.


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Fluid Change Services

Automatic Transmissions

Price Range: $49 to $149*

How Long? 1 hour

Most manufacturers recommend changing automatic transmission fluid every 60,000-100,000 miles, but some as little as 30,000. Our technician will replace the fluid, clean the screen or replace the filter, and replace the pan gasket.

Manual Transmission

Price Range: $49 to $149*

How Long? 1 hour

To keep your transmission performing properly, we recommend changing transmission fluid every 30,000-60,000 miles, depending on your make & model. Our technician will replace the fluid, clean the screen or replace the filter, and replace the pan gasket.

CVT Transmission

Price Range: $49 to $149*

How Long? 1 hour

While many manufacturers say the CVT transmission fluid never needs to be changed, we recommend having it replaced every 30,000-50,000 miles. Our technician will replace the fluid, clean the screen or replace the filter, and replace the pan gasket.

Signs That You Need a New Transmission Filter

Always adhere to the manufacturer’s recommendation for transmission fluid changes based on time and/or mileage. Also many vehicles have maintenance lights or reminders that will indicate when the time is near for maintenance. If you are near or beyond these time and/or mileage specification change your fluids and filters as soon as possible. Make sure you only use the correct type and viscosity transmission recommended by the manufacturer for both the fluid and the filter. Many inexpensive filters in today’s vehicles can come apart, restrict the flow of the fluid, and cause many problems such as slip, delayed engagement, slipping on corners, hard shifts, and noisy transmission. In fact a clogged or bad filter can cause serious transmission damage.

If you used your vehicle to tow, in dusty areas, extreme climates either hot or cold, climbing mountainous terrain or frequent stop and go driving may demand to change your transmission fluid changed sooner than prescribed by the normal driving schedule. These transmission fluid changes can be as frequent as 15,000 miles and/or even between extreme conditions you have put your vehicle under depending on the vehicle.

If your transmission fluid has become low or looks really dark and thick, or has a strong odor, the chances are that you have missed the regular fluid change time or mileage, or you have overworked your transmission. If the fluid is really low, that is an indication of a leak or mechanical issue that needs to be rectified before serious damage occurs. Changing the fluid typically will not fix the mechanical issue but it could buy you some time until you can get it repaired.

If your transmission overheat light is on it is an indication of a serious problem. It may mean that you are extremely low on fluid, you have a cooler or convertor issue, or you have another internal mechanical issue impacting proper fluid pressure or flow. Check for leaks and repair them, change the fluid, perhaps have the cooler flushed and see if the light goes out. You may have caught it in time or maybe you didn’t, but it is worth the minor expense to try a flush and fluid change first.

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